"There was never a single revolution in the world that promised so much and gave so little to the people as the October Revolution. Forty years of one's lifetime is a long enough period. During this period we were able to learn a lot about the workings of the Communist Regime, allowing for mistakes ascribed to lack of experience and postwar destructions. The Party leaders refer to the present day living as the highest form of democracy. But we the people have our own views about the October Revolution. For forty years rivers of blood were flowing, millions of lives torn away and destroyed. The Kronstat uprising, the opposition of the Kolchoz idea, the uprising in the camps Varkutee, Norelska, Karagandee in 1953-55, the opposition of our intelligentsia to the political idea of suppression, the deep dissatisfaction of workers of low income, the dissatisfaction of the youth, all of this sufficiently proves the lack of trust that exists in all categories of society toward Communism. "